A great family experience whether it's tradition or your first time.
Cut as close to the ground as you can leaving enough trunk for the stand.  That way you won't have to cut bottom branches off.
It gets crowded but always seems to work out.
The Parking Lot
Cutting a quarter inch X groove in the bottom of the trunk allows
for exposed tree surface area to absorb water in case the
bottom of your stand is perfectly flat to the tree trunk.
Secure tie down.  We provide tie-down twine if you don't have anything with you.  
Great conversations with customers young and old.  We enjoy sharing everyone's
adventurous experiences.
If possible, carry your tree rather than drag it to avoid damaging needles.
Ralphie is 14 years old now
Friendly escort, Ralphie.
You have to see it to believe it.
Human tree-shaking machine!
It might be a good idea to bring a cap or something to use as a marker so you don't forget
where that first one you looked at was.
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