Take a look at Bedrock Farm Christmas trees. Currently you can choose from
hundreds of 4' to 12' Douglas Fir and Canaan Fir trees.  Choose from 4' to 9'
Fraser firs.
Mouse-over pictures to see close-up of needles.
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Canaan Fir field.  Charter crop.
All of the Fir trees have excellent needle
retention.  The key is to have a fresh cut
at the base and get it in water as soon as
possible.  The tree naturally begins to
seal itself with sap when cut and left dry
which will block absorption of water.  To
help keep it fresh for the holiday season  
be careful not to let the water container
run dry especially during the first week.
First planting 1996
Canaan Fir trees are a cross between a Fraser Fir and a Balsam
Fir.  The look of a Fraser with the fragrance of a Balsam.
Fraser Fir
is a favorite of many. They have the
sturdier branches for heavier ornaments.
Fraser Fir needles
Douglas Fir trees are very full and have softer needles.
Canaan Fir 2008